Reciprocal Golf

Gaudet Luce has teamed up with other Golf Courses and loyalty cards such as Network Golf and County Cards to bring you a range of discounted green fees at your favourite venues!

As a member of Gaudet Luce, you will also receive discounted Green Fees at affiliate Golf Clubs such as:

Little Lakes GC – Free in the week, £10 at weekends
Bromsgrove GC – £10 weekday, £15 weekends
Burghill Valley GC – £10 weekday, £15 weekends

Network Golf

“The Golf Club Network was set up by a group of forward-thinking and like-minded golf clubs that understand that today’s golf market is very different to what it once was, nowadays golfers want more freedom to play a variety of courses and retain a membership of the club they love, it was obvious that financially this would not be viable for many golfers so The Golf Club Network was formed.  It is designed to give you, the golfer, the best of both worlds, you can be a member of the club you love and play at many other courses without breaking the bank.”

Why not purchase a Network Golf card for £10 allowing you up to 5 rounds in one agreement year at any of the reciprocal clubs listed on the poster shown below.

These rounds will be free of any green fee charge on weekdays and charged at guest rates on bank holidays and weekends!

Golf County Card Scheme

“Since 2012 the Worcestershire County Card Scheme is available free of charge to all men and boys who are members of any golf club affiliated to the Worcestershire Union of Golf Clubs which participates in the scheme. Players must hold a current CDH number.

There are two types of County Cards, both of which are equally valid:

  1. A credit card-sized plastic card, with the holder’s name and CDH number printed on the England Golf side, with “Worcestershire County Card” and the WUGC logo printed on the other side. The initial stock of cards was printed with the date 2012-13 and stickers are provided on an annual basis to update these cards. However, newer cards no longer have dates on them and will remain valid until the holder ceases to be a member of a Worcestershire affiliated club.
  2. From August 2020, a new Digital County Card is available via the igCounty App, run by Intelligent Golf. This Digital County Card includes the members name, home club, current handicap and date, as well as the Worcestershire County Golf logo.