Grip Shack

Here at the Gaudet Luce Grip Shack, we pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality service, at the best possible price so that your clubs always feel as good as new.

We stock most types of grips from leading brands such as Golf Pride, Lamkin and Superstroke so finding the perfect grip will never be an issue with us!

If you are second-guessing your current grips –
it may be time for you to upgrade!
You might be thinking to yourself, why is it necessary to regrip my golf clubs, including my putter? And the plain truth is that worn-out grips can ruin your game. Over time heat, sweat. dirt and oily residue combine together to degrade the grip meaning you will feel less traction between your hands and the club, causing you to grip it more tightly to keep it from slipping. This creates tension in the hands, wrists and forearms – and tension is a guaranteed swing-wrecker.

Club Repairs

If you've experience a spot of bad luck and your clubs are in desperate need of a repair, look no further than the Grip Shack!


Lengthen or shorten the shafts to better suit you


Adjust loft and lies of your clubs

Custom Fitting

Improve your game with custom fitting