Improve Your Game With a Custom Fitting

Join us at the Driving Range for a fitting experience like nowhere else.

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable Pro to aid you through the fitting process with state-of-the-art software, a welcoming studio and a full custom fitting kit to find you the perfect fit to raise your game to another level.

An hour Custom Fitting appointment using our GC2 Launch Monitor in the comfort of our Golf Swing Studio alongside one of our PGA Professionals – equipped with the latest ranges of high-quality clubs from Srixon, Cleveland Golf, and Wilson. With the use of our Loft & Lie machine, we are able to link different performance attributes and outcomes to specific and marginal changes in the golf club, providing accurate readings for you to focus on when getting fitted.
Our Fitting experience is to provide golfers with a greater understanding of their skills and how to best improve their game through our professional, friendly and no-commitment service. Information of analysis data will be emailed to you to take away, giving you the choice of returning to us.

Why Is Custom Fitting So Important?

Using non-fitted clubs can create problems down the line in your golfing life – a club that isn’t suited to you will dictate how you address that golf ball, directly affecting the initial address position and can lead to inconsistencies with obtaining the required positions of the golf swing which in turn leads to poor performance.
We see it like this – you wouldn’t buy a pair of size 6 shoes if you wore a size 12. It’s the same with golf clubs!

'90% of U.S. Golfers might be playing with improperly fit clubs'

– Sports Illustrated Golf Group

So let us help you reach your golfing potential and take you to the next level!