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Scoring Formats 

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Medal Play
A round where you count every shot that is played in a round.

A round where you score points on each hole for the number of shots you take, taking your handicap into account
Bogey (1 over par) = 1 point
Par (level par) = 2 points
Birdie (1 under par) = 3 points
Eagle (2 under par) = 4 points
Albatross (3 under par) = 5 points

Match Play
A round where you play against each other individually or as a team, hole by hole. You can win, lose or halve a hole. Once a player is up by a number of holes which is less than that remaining to be played, then that player will have won the match.

Competitions A match play format either as an individual or a team.

Pairs Betterball Stableford
A round where two players play as a team using the stableford format. With the best points score on each hole being the one used for the team.

Bogey / Par
A round where you play match play against the course. A gross or nett birdie or better wins the hole. A nett par means you level the hole, and a nett bogey or worse means you lose the hole.

Flag Competition
A round where players have a total number of shots equivalent to the par of the course plus their handicap to complete the round. They then play the round until their allotted number of shots runs out and they place a flag in the ground at the place where their
number of shots run out.

A round with two players play as a team, but instead of playing their own ball, the players play take alternate shots with the same ball and tee off alternate holes.

A round where two players play as a team, but each player tees off and then the team decides which ball to play in alternate strokes for the remainder of the hole.

Texas Scramble
A round where up to four players play as a team. All players tee off, but the team uses the best shot of the four to play next. All players then play this ball and again they choose the best ball and so on until the ball is holed out.

The best Stableford score(s) are taken from the best Medal score(s) and the winner is the player with the lowest ‘Medford’ score.

Order of Merit – OOM
Accumulation of points based on finishes in ladies qualifying competitions throughout the year.

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