Phoenix Course Guide

The layout of the course means that golfers of all abilities can enjoy their round, with anumber of shorter, tighter, “risk and reward” holes complimenting several longer, more open holes where a golfer can open their shoulders. Well placed hazards ensure that you must think your way around the course while high quality greens make putting a pleasure – if you read them well!

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Hole 1

A testing opening hole with out-of-bounds down the right and trees down the left. Bigger hitters will take driver and leave a short wedge shot into a sloping green. If you're looking for a positional shot of the tee, left hand side of the fairway will leave you a mid iron into the flag. Don't go big on approach as out-of-bounds lurks behind the green.

Hole 2

The first of the Par 3s with a 2 tier green. If the flag is on the top tier its a very small landing area and a nervous chip back if you are big off the tee. Playing for the up hill putt is the % shot here. If the Green Keepers are feeling generous the flag may be on the lower tier where you can really attack it with the bank at the back feeding down toward the hole - be mindful of the 2 bunkers though.

Hole 3

The first of 3 consecutive relatively short par 4s. Big hitters may think to go for green but its well guarded with 2 bunkers between the fairway and green. Its advisable to get the ball in the fairway aiming up the right hand side to allow for the slope but be careful of the bunker.

Hole 4

Par 4 but with plenty of danger lurking. This hole is all about the tee shot. To far right and your ball will disappear down the slope into the trees or end up in the bunker. To far left and you will block your approach to the narrow entrance of the green. Aim for the gap in the trees favouring the left off the tee and this will leave you with a short wedge into a relatively flat green.

Hole 5

A real risk and reward hole. Bigger hitters will clear the trees with their drive and get close to the green but be cautious! There are 3 right hand bunkers awaiting an inaccurate drive. A more measured approach is to aim for the fairway either side of the trees leaving you an uphill mid range iron into a sloping green, don't miss left or go long!

Hole 6

The last of the Par 3's on the front 9. Don't underestimate this hole. Club selection is key from this elevated tee, you may not be able to see the bottom of the flag. Large trees line the back of the green and a green side bunker. If you miss the green a great short game is needed to make par.

Hole 7

A tricky narrow up hill Par 4. Its vital to clear the water off the tee to be in any shape for par. Trees right and left are there to make your shot into the green more difficult if you miss the fairway. Bunkers protecting just short of the green. Remember to club up on your approach.

Hole 8

Tee it up and let it rip! The bigger hitter will clear the brook and will give themselves a tempting big fairway wood into a very narrow green. A solid tee shot to layup short of the brook then an iron to layup just short of the pond will give you a mid iron into the flag, if the ground is firm pitching just short of the green.

Hole 9

The third consecutive hole to include the same brook. If you are feel brave the line is directly over the tree. Out of bounds down the right, if you do your ball will enjoy a new lease of life on the driving range. A really tough 2nd into a sloping back to front 2 tier green with 2 bunkers gathering your ball if you are short. Some awkward chips if you miss the green.

Hole 10

Take the pond out of play by clubbing up. Anything over the green will shoot straight down the hill and if you find your ball you won't be able to see the green let alone the flag. If you miss right and you have cleared the trees you should have simple enough chip into the green.

Hole 11

If you can drive past the dogleg you will have 150 or less into a tough green. Avoid straying right of the tee. A bunker, a brook and trees are going to scupper any chance of birdie or even par. Your approach into the green can't be big as there are trees at the back where you will find it difficult to find your ball. The front bunker is deceptive and there is a lot more room between the bunker and the green then you think.

Hole 12

One of the most popular par 3s in Worcestershire. A long iron or fairway wood in hand, double danger with a pond and a bunker if your short and right. Everything feeds from left to right into the green. The green keepers like to keep the rough long stopping any lucky bounces from the left hand side feeding towards the hole.

Hole 13

A dogleg hole which may tempt the longer hitters to take the line over the bunker and leave a short wedge into a tricky sloping green. If you aim to go up the middle careful you don't run out of fairway. The green is surrounded by banks so if you miss the green you may find yourself with a tricky chip on the downslope.

Hole 14

Unless you carry 300 yards with your driver don't try and clear the lake! The sensible play is to lay up on the downhill fairway, be careful with club selection here. Its a long iron or hybrid into the green from here with steep banking either side of this 2 tier green.

Hole 15

The hardest hole on the course! Not a Par 5 you can reach in 2. A driver or fairway wood off the tee into the fairway will put you in good shape. To leave yourself 150 yards or less try and get your 2nd shot to the bend in the fairway. Then make sure you take dead aim and don't be short! A lovely pot hole bunker is waiting that has ruined many a round.

Hole 16

The last of the par 3s and one of the easier holes but don't underestimate it. The green keepers like to position the flag directly over the front bunker, the safe shot is middle of the green. Miss right and you have some sloping bunkers testing your short game and nerve!

Hole 17

A long Par 5 with a reward at the top. With your drive, make sure you clear the brook that is inline with the tree and be cautious about going to far left as there is a fairway bunker awaiting a seemingly good drive. A tough hole for even the bigger hitters to reach in 2, with an up hill 2 tier green and danger if you miss right or you are short and right. Make sure your 2nd shot finds the fairway to make your approach easier. When you have reached the green don't forget to turn around and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of Worcestershire.

Hole 18

You finish with a Par 4 If you are driving well be weary of the bunker in the fair way halfway down on the left. Also be careful not to go to long right as the pond is in range for some people. The green is large so aim for the middle to avoid the bunkers on the right and the one short on the left. Putt out for a birdie and make your way to Club House for some well earned refreshments


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