Driving Range

Droitwich Driving Range | Gaudet Luce Golf Club

Whether you are playing for fun with friends or you are honing in your Golf skills – our Driving Range is perfect for you.

Open all year round to golfers of all levels, our floodlit 350 yard long Driving Range comes complete with practice targets and rugby posts to help you practice your aim and distance.

Our ball dispenser welcomes coins, credit/debit cards, range cards and tokens which are available from the Pro Shop.

Floodlit Driving Range

350 Yards

Practice Targets & Rugby Posts

100% distance 2-piece golf balls


Small Basket – 15 balls
Medium Basket – 50 balls
Large Basket – 100 balls

For SOLO Range Card Users, select basket size and tap range card over green contactless reader sign to dispense balls.
Don’t have a SOLO Card? Pop in to our Pro Shop and get a Free* card now!

Cash can only be used for a small basket.
Contactless card payments are programmed for a large basket only (£5.50), you cannot purchase a small or medium basket via contactless.
Range tokens for 50 balls are available from the Pro Shop.

Become a Range Card member

If you are an avid Driving Range visitor, why not save yourself money with our Range Card? Get more value out of your money by topping up your Range Card with our promo packages:

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Signing up has never been so easy, simply visit us in the Pro Shop and enquire about our Range Cards, from here we will collect a few details from you and get you started!

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri

Floodlights turn off at 9pm


Floodlights turn off at 8:30pm

Where to find us

Our Driving Range can be found by driving through our first car park, around to the second car park where you will see a big green building to your left.

How to use the Ball Dispenser

COVID-19 Measures & Updates

The range is open for use with social distancing measures in place.

  • We have introduced a one-way system here also. Using the red stickers on the floor, you will be able to safely queue for the Driving Range at a 2-metre distance. If there is no one waiting ahead of you, please proceed down the steps.
  • If there is no one ahead, we have provided a Basket Sanitisation Area where you will be able to pick up a disinfected basket from the drum provided. This drum is filled with Anti Bac Sanitiser to ensure that our baskets are safe to use.
  • Once inside the range please move directly to the ball machine staying close to the wall and purchase your balls using the contactless chip and pin machine (yellow box) or the solo card or if you just want 15 balls you can put a £1 coin in the slot. Please use the hand sanitiser available to clean your hands before and after touching the ball dispenser. Balls are strictly washed and disinfected every time we refresh the Ball Dispenser supply.
  • Please keep tight against the wall and move to an available bay. The bays are wide enough to allow for social distancing.
  • We have removed Ball Trays and Bag Stands to minimise the equipment you have to touch. We have three tee options available to you – the tall tee, a small tee and the option to hit your ball off the mat. We ask that you please don’t touch or move the tees.
  • Once you have finished hitting your balls, please stay alert for other players who may be moving around also, stay close to the wall and exit through the labelled door.
  • On leaving the range, please deposit your basket in the sanitising drum provided.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy visiting our range!