Play Changes

Playing Golf Post Lockdown

The following guidelines have been created to keep you, your fellow golfers, and our staff as safe as possible whilst people get back to playing golf.

As restrictions are being lifted, we are now able to play golf on a golf course again, but it is a different game to that which we played before. Rules have changed, etiquette in some ways must change and as a result our mindsets must also change to meet the social distancing rules currently in place. As these changes occur so will some of the current playing practices and we will keep you updated as things change.



Please do not share clubs in any way. If your clubs are stored in the locker room then please do not congregate in there or we may have to close them. Walk in, socially distance, get your clubs from the locker then wash your hands and leave. The door will be chocked open to help keep you safe.


If you leave your trolly at Gaudet then please only go into the trolley store one at a time to ensure that social distancing can occur. We will keep the door chocked open during the day so suggest that you get a small padlock for your individual cage.

Rental trollies will not be available, but buggies will be. The buggies will be disinfected after each round and available for single use only unless you are from the same household. Please help us to prioritise buggy use for those who are disabled or struggle to walk a long distance.


Whilst playing please do not touch other people’s balls (careful), or collect up any stray balls that you find whilst playing (yes, I will do anything to increase ball sales and don’t forget, we are giving some to members free of charge this year)


Your Round

You have put your shoes on in the car park, grab your clubs and get registered in the shop, following all the social distancing guidelines. Once you have teed off please make sure that members of your group keep at least 2 metres apart through the course of your round.

The Putting Green

Please give priority to the next group to have a quick putt before going to the tee, especially if you are practicing, the priority is the golf course.

The First Tee

 Now, if there is no one on the first tee and it is within 5 minutes of your tee time then move to the tee. If the group ahead are on the 1st green, then you can begin to get ready to tee off. If you are slightly early, then please move to the buggy area behind the bushes and wait for the tee to clear.

Tees in General

Please ensure that there is only one golfer on the tee at any time.  In general play you decide in your group where on the tee to play from, tee it up and enjoy! If taking part in the Stableford days, then please tee up from a parallel to the designated marked point disc or two club lengths behind.


Our Bunkers are luckily now back in play following a week or so of being GUR. Please remember that we are encouraging our Golfers to use the “Pick and place within 6” rule until we receive further details on playing safe golf.

Flagsticks and Putting

Once you have reached the green please do not touch the flagstick, there is no need to and we cannot get round to disinfect them often enough to keep you safe. We have measures in place to stop the ball from falling deep into the hole.

In terms of putting, it is suggested that a ball is holed with the next stroke if it is within 12 inches (a regular putter grip) of the hole. If you are playing matchplay then you can still “give” putts that are further away.

Letting Groups Through

Patience may be required during your round, especially if you are playing in a smaller group. Whilst in normal circumstances we would recommend that a larger group lets a smaller group through where possible to speed up play, this may be much more difficult with social distancing measures in place and can sometimes have a detrimental effect on speed of play so help with these matters we suggest that you only let another group through if absolutely necessary.


Please do not use scorecards for general play. If you have our app on your phone there is a scorecard function on there. Please refer to the Comps and handicaps page for advice on scoring for stableford day purposes.

Post Round

Once you have finished your round please leave the course, put your equipment away, change your shoes at your car and leave the site. Please resist the urge to congregate so that you can tell your fellow golfers how good a round you had (or would have had if the bunkers were not so bad).  Go home and use social media and telephones to do this instead.


Thank you for adhering to these rules. Keep safe and social distance!