Subs, Levy & Membership Giveaways

Picture © Daniel Graves Photography 2014.

How Subs Will Work

We are currently working with ESP to upgrade your Elite Live account so that you will be able to receive your Subs renewal automatically and be able to pay for your subs online if you pay yours upfront. Currently you can top up your levy online using your elite live account and if you are a Utopian member you can top up points now as well. As soon as this option is available, we will email you to let you know and will update this page with instructions as to how the system works.

Whilst we are waiting for this functionality, we will be emailing subs renewals and you will be able to pay either directly into our bank from yours, by cheque or by calling and paying by card over the phone. This will reduce your need to enter your PIN into the card machine at the golf club and help to keep you safe.

If you have any questions on how to work your Elite Live account, please follow this link to our useful step-by-step guide. 

As you will be aware, we have lots of different options when it comes to membership and each year we have people who change the type of membership that they have, especially if their circumstances have changed and will affect the amount of golf that they can play. If you would like more information on the different types of membership, then click below for this year’s prices and the Membership Brochure. If you would like to look at different membership options then please email me and I will be able to arrange a time for us to go over the various options to make sure that you get value from your membership.

Membership Discounts & Giveaways

As has been discussed previously, we have created a package of discounts and giveaway for members as their golf has been so disrupted this year by the enforced closure of the golf course. These packages are available to all members who have paid or will renew their subs in the normal way and are worth around the value of 2 months of subs.

Everyone who renews will get a discount from the 2020 price for their subs to the 2019 price. As well as this there are various packages of vouchers which can be used in various ways across the site. The value of these packages depends upon the type of membership that you have so a Gold member will receive a different value of package to a junior member as the cost of membership is different.  As well as the discounts and vouchers, whatever your membership type you will receive a dozen of our special 25th Anniversary balls to use this year. To find out the value of the vouchers please click the button below.

Everyone will be billed at the 2020 price and the discount will be applied retrospectively so those who have already paid their subs will receive an email asking if they would prefer the refund to be put on their levy for future use or paid back into their bank account, we are happy to do either and will work with members to do what is best for them.

The vouchers and balls will be available for those who have paid from the shop, you will each receive them in a little goodie bag next time you come to play.

The complexity of our rolling year combined with the variety of membership options available means that offering extensions to golfing years, as some other clubs have done, is simply too difficult. Throughout this process, our decision has been to give something tangible this year that can impact positively on their golf rather than an offer of some free golf at some future date.