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Welcome to the Seniors Section at Gaudet Luce Golf Club

Whether you are an experienced and regular golfer, have only recently taken up the game, joined from another club or Gaudet is your first club, we are really pleased that you have chosen to join us here at Gaudet Luce.

The aim of our Seniors Section is to provide our members with a welcoming and social environment in which to enjoy golf.

This page will provide you with useful and important information that should help you join the section and enter the various competitions that we run. It includes information about the Seniors Section, details of our Senior competitions and more.

We hope that you will find being a member of the Senior Section both rewarding and enjoyable and most importantly have loads of fun!

Gents & Seniors Committee

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Seniors Committee & List Of Contacts

The Seniors Committee works hard behind the scenes to make sure there are lots of events and fixtures for the Seniors to take part in.

Should you wish to talk to us about any aspect of the Seniors Section please feel free to make contact.

The committee details are on the notice board in the Gents changing rooms or if you prefer just send an email to gaudetluce.seniorscommittee@gmail.com and one of the committee will make contact with you.

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Captain Nigel Payne 07534 761697 niglynbil@msn.com
Vice-Captain Mike Clark 07868 075855 michael.clark2407@btinternet.com
Treasurer Adrian Gill 07484 849606 gilladrian@hotmail.com
Secretary John Doidge 07803 629784 john.p.doidge@btinternet.com
Secretary Ray Dunn 01905 954348
07414 715528 raydunn6@gmail.com
Match Secretary Mick Westwood 01527 836620
07484759884 mick4773@hotmail.co.uk
Secretary Roger Burrows 01527 832605 rogerdburrows@outlook.com
Open Organiser Robin Jones 07973 867524 robinbusterjones@gmail.com
Assistant Open
Organiser Dave Brierley 07961 628629 jane.dave58@gmail.com
past-Captain Neil Silverthorne 07802 197552 neilsilverthorne@yahoo.co.uk

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Competition Entry

Entry into competitions is separate from the tee time booking system on the Gaudet Luce website.

The Gents & Seniors section run competitions for members throughout the year and also take part in a number of mixed ‘Fun’ competitions. Dates for the competitions and the overall club diary can be found on the Gaudet Luce website by following the link to the diary below.

Entry for these competitions is managed via the Club Systems HowDidIDo facility and will require members wishing to enter competitions to register with www.howdidido.com or use the PSI terminal in the clubhouse. Members will need to be preloaded for handicap management into the Club Systems application that we use.

In order for the section to communicate effectively with our members, we ask that email details are provided for us to create a record in Club Systems that enable us to email from the system direct to members, provide updates on competitions and results etc.

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Gents Section Competitions & Entry Rules

In order to play in any Seniors Section Competition, a player must be aged 55 years and above on the day of the competition. Members may register to play in a competition using the current published entry procedure. Entry fees are payable in the golf shop on the day of the competition. Competitions are generally played on a Wednesday morning. Any player with a non-competition handicap may enter to play in a competition, other than any team match play competition, but will be ineligible to win a prize, apart from a prize for a “2”.

Players must have played in a minimum of 3 Gaudet Luce Seniors or Gaudet Luce Gents qualifiers during the 12 months immediately prior to the date of the competition, in order to be eligible to win any prize in a Trophy Competition apart from a prize for a “2”.

S.1.1 Club Championship Trophy
Full handicap Bogey/Par competition played off white Tees (Q)

S.1.2 Champion of Champions Trophy
Full handicap Medal competition played off white tees (Q). To qualify to enter this competition a player must have come 1st or 2nd in any Gaudet Luce Seniors qualifier competition during the period from September to August. Where a competition has 2 divisions then both winner and runner up from each division will qualify to play.

S.1.3 Fernihough Memorial Trophy
Full Handicap Bogey/Par Competition played off white tees (Q)

S.1.4 J.G. Ross Shield
Full handicap Stableford competition played off yellow tees (Q)

S.1.5 Veterans’ Trophy
Full handicap Stableford competition played off yellow tees (Q). Played in conjunction with the J.G. Ross trophy and open to any Senior aged 70 years and above on the date of the competition. Should a veteran win the J.G. Ross trophy then the second placed veteran will qualify as winner of the Veterans’ Trophy

S.1.6 Senior Captain’s Cup
Full handicap Stableford Competition played off yellow Tees (Q)

S.1.7 Tony Sergeant Cup
Based on a player’s best 3 net Medal Qualifier scores (excluding Champion of Champions) during the period April to October

S.1.8 Classic Blinds Trophy
A player’s lowest total putting scores from any 3 Medal Qualifier rounds (excluding Champion of Champions) during the period April to October. Putting scores to be recorded by the marker on the player’s scorecard in a manner set by the Competition Secretary.

S.1.9 Martin Whitehurst Memorial Trophy
Full handicap Stableford competition played off yellow tees (NON-Q) using 3 clubs and a putter. The winner to nominate a charity of his choice to which the entry fees will be donated

S.1.10 Phil Cundy Trophy
A par 3 competition played in conjunction with the first 3 monthly medal competitions of each season. There is no additional entry registration or fee. In each of these rounds the player’s scores on the 5 par 3 holes of the Phoenix Course will be recorded. In each round the total par 3’s score is then subjected to a deduction of 20% of the player’s current playing handicap (calculated exactly). The winner will be the player with the lowest exact total over the 3 rounds. In the event of a tied final result countback will be over: 1. The last 2 rounds played 2. The last round played 3. The last 3 par 3 holes played. In the event of a continuing tie the Trophy will be shared.

S.1.11 Winter Knock-out Trophy and Plate
90% handicap Pairs Better Ball Match Play competition played off yellow tees (NON-Q). See notice board for competition rules. Players are required to arrange tee times for their matches within the deadlines set for each round of the competition. First round losers in the main competition will be automatically entered into the Plate competition

S.1.12 Greensomes Trophy
Greensomes format Stableford competition played off yellow tees (NON-Q). Open to pairs with a combined handicap of not less than 30

S.1.13 Derek Smith Memorial Trophy
Match play competition between Division 1 and Division 2 players (NON-Q)

S.1.14 Millennium Shield
Full handicap Stableford team competition played off yellow tees (NON-Q) versus the Green keepers

Qualifiers are played during the period April to October each year. The formats played are Medal, Stableford and Bogey/Par. Qualifiers are played off either the white or yellow tees. The tee to be used for each competition will be confirmed in the specific competition entry details. To qualify to win a prize or to qualify for Champion of Champions a player must have a current Competition Handicap.

Players without a current Competition Handicap may play in any qualifying competition (including Trophy Competitions) in order to submit a qualifying card for handicap purposes. They may not win any prize other than for scoring a”2”, if the competition includes a “2”’s element.

Where there are between 10 and 24 players there will be a single division. Where there are over 24 players there will be 2 divisions (excluding any Trophy competitions, where there will be only 1 division). Players with a playing handicap of up to 18 will be in division 1 and players with a playing handicap of between 19 and 28 will be in Division 2. This split may be reviewed from time to time by the Senior’s committee dependant upon the numbers of players qualifying to play in each division.

The Fiddle is run by the Senior Section not the Club or Committee.

The object of the Fiddle is to promote playing with members who you don’t normally play with, to introduce and encourage new and existing members to play and to get involved with the Senior Section.

The first tee time will be 08.04 and the last tee time will be 10.04. These time slots are exclusively for Senior members taking part in the Fiddle. Please ensure you arrive and book in early enough to meet the last tee time. If you choose to not enter, you are of course free to book a time either before or after these times.

There will be a registration sheet in the Pro-shop, please sign in as soon as possible. Please note that you must play in the order names are shown on the sheet. Please do not hang around waiting for your ‘preferred partners’ as one of the objects of the Fiddle is to play with as many different members of the Seniors Section as possible. If it is the intention of members to play with the same group, they should consider whether the Fiddle is appropriate for them and maybe book a tee time outside of the allotted tee times.

The Fiddle is an informal competition, but the Rules of Golf apply – you are required to putt out on every green so no ‘Gimmes’ allowed.

The entry fee is £3.00 and is payable when signing in. The entry fee will be allocated as follows :-
– £2.00 will go towards the cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. The prize split will be determined on the day according to the total prize fund.
– £1.00 will be allocated to a ‘2’s competition – choosing not to participate in the 2’s competition is not an option.

All players posting a ‘2’ on their card will receive a share of the ball pot.

The Fiddle is a Full handicap Stableford Competition and is played off the Yellow Tees. Players are to go out in groups of three, however it may be necessary for the last players to play as a pair or a fourball.

Any player coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th (possibly 5th/6th depending on number of entrants and prize fund) with the following scores will have strokes deducted as shown below for their next Fiddle :-
– 37 points or less = 1 stroke deducted.
– 38 points or more = 1 stroke deducted, plus 1 stroke deducted for each point above 37. For example – 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th (5th/6th) with a score of 41 points will have 1 stroke deducted plus a further four strokes (38-41) making a total of 5.

Therefore, any player receiving a cash prize will be subject to the above stroke deductions.

Results will be announced when all cards have been returned and all prizes will be handed out when all players are in the club house. Anyone not in attendance and who has won a prize or balls will need to contact one of the organisers below.

The results sheet will be posted on the notice board and completed cards with exceptional scores will be passed to the Handicap Secretary by the Organisers.

The Rules of the Fiddle are determined by the organisers and can be subject to change should the need arise.

Organisers – Nick Higgins / Brian Hoye / Mick Siddle

A player qualifying to win prize money will have money credited to his club account. The number of prizes and amounts will be as from time to time agreed and published by the Seniors Committee. Prizes for Fiddle Competitions will normally be paid in cash. Any “2”’s competition prize will normally be a share of golf balls.

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