Handicap & Competitions – COVID-19 Updates


Whilst restrictions have been lifted to enable people to play golf, the golfing world is still not back in a normal place and this includes the competition side of the game.

In the short term, to create as much time on the tee sheet for all members to get on the course we have cancelled all organised competitions. As time moves on and guidance changes, we will keep looking at this and some competitions may return later in the year. For now, we have wiped the tee sheet for May and June so that you can get as much golf in as you can.

We are being encouraged to play social matchplay golf as we first open but for those of you with a competitive instinct, we will be creating designated stableford and medal days where, rather than blocking up tee times, you can play using the tee time you have booked at any time that day.

The procedure to get involved with these is very simple:

  • Book a time for you and your playing partner on ESP through the Gaudet Luce App or Website using your Elite Live Account (Refer to the Bookings and Facilities page for more info)
  • Go to How Did I Do and book yourself into the competition at the same time as you are booked on ESP
  • Arrive and collect a card from the shop, you mark your own card and place your score in Player A. Please enter your playing partners name into Player D on the card and put their scores in the Markers Column. (If you are playing as more than a 2 ball then organise as if you were swapping cards, just do not swap the cards).
  • When marking your card after each hole please ensure that there is verbal confirmation of your scores so that your playing partner can mark their card correctly
  • Sign your card, we will not require 2 signatures at this present time while restrictions are in place
  • When you have finished, place your card in the white box next to the members computer. These cards will then be collected and entered onto the system and posted within a few days – please do not expect the scores to be posted immediately.

With the addition of these days, it will enable those members who still wish to stay competitive and enter qualifying scores the chance to do so in a more relaxed competitive field while there are no official club competitions. The results will be posted via HowDidIDo with a leader board and the Golf shop will be putting up some prizes. They will be free to enter, so there will be no cost to you as a member.

No Dates have been set yet for these, but we will inform you about these when they have been decided.


Some golfers will want to keep putting cards in for handicapping purposes but others may just want to play social golf at this time but with the arrival of the World Handicapping System later this year Congu have said that whether you have put a card in or not, your current handicap will stay live as we move into the WHS. This means there will no longer be non-active handicaps and you will no longer be required to enter 3 qualifying scores a year to keep your handicap active.

Please note though, the more scores you have on your playing handicap history, this will help with the transition of your handicap when the changes take place.

As we move closer to the arrival of WHS we will add more in-depth information to this page, in the meantime If you have any questions on competitions or handicaps then please email us and we will find the answer.