Booking & Facilities

This area has been created to explain changes to how you should book your golf, what to do when you arrive on site, how to make use of the facilities and what to do once you have played.

As it stands, these are the rules for who can play:

  • Individuals playing golf on their own.
  • Two-balls comprising of individuals from different households
  • At the discretion of the golf club, members of the same household playing in two, three or four-balls.
    Due to the busy tee time schedules, please give us a call on 01905 796375 before booking a four-ball to ensure that pace of play is not disturbed.

Booking your Tee-Times

  • Tee time intervals have been changed from 8 minutes to 10 minutes to aid social distancing guidelines.
  • Whenever possible, please book online using your Elite Live account on ESP (also available through the app and website under the member’s tee time). If you do not have access to the internet, then please give us a call on 01905 796375 and we will get you booked in. If you do not have an ESP account, please send an email to and we will get you sorted. Please be aware that you cannot just turn up to play. 
  • To ensure that we can provide adequate space for members to book tee times, we have reduced visitor bookings to times after 12pm. We would remind members that they can book up to 12 days in advance and visitors up to 7 days in advance.

Arriving on Site

  • Please do not use the disabled spaces or the first 6 spaces in the middle row of the car park near the changing rooms, we want to keep these open for the Key Workers who are dropping and picking up children from nursery. Many of these people are NHS and emergency services staff and we want to make their life as easy as possible for now.
  • The changing rooms will be open for you to collect your golf bag and for the toilet facilities. The other gents’ toilets are closed and for you to collect your golf bag and return it. Please do not congregate.
  • The door to the changing rooms will be chocked open to reduce touch points, please do not close. The changing rooms and toilet facilities will be disinfected on a regular basis for your safety but please ensure that you wash your hands as you leave.
  • Please report to the shop, following the signs provided, then await your turn, following the normal social distancing rules and queue using the floor stickers provided. The shop will not be open in its normal capacity until at least June 1st but you will be able to shop for essentials if you are sure of what you are buying. There will be no browsing allowed until we can open up the shop as normal.
  • Once you are booked in then move to the first tee and enjoy your round of golf. For new rules regarding your time on the course, please refer to this landing page.

When you have played your Golf

  • Once you have finished your round please return your clubs to your locker, wash your hands, and return to your car. Please do not gather in groups to chat about your round but respect social distancing rules and drive safely home, remember that for now the bar is sadly not open.

The Pro Shop

  • Our Pro Shop is now open for registration and essential purchases when you come to play golf, for the time being, we cannot allow our customers to drive up and have a browse but if you need any piece of clothing or equipment, please get in touch either by phoning us at the Pro Shop or send us an email to and we will try our best.
  • Clothing and shoes can be bought from our eBay shop and once we are able, we will update you on how the shop will re-open. A link to our eBay shop can be found below.
  • When paying please use either contactless or your levy where possible. You can top up your levy at any time online via your Elite Live account. If you need to use the card machine for PIN purposes, we will supply hand sanitiser and will be sanitising the card machine regularly

The Golf Range

The range is open for use with social distancing measures in place.

  • We have introduced a one-way system here also. Using the red stickers on the floor, you will be able to safely queue for the Driving Range at a 2-metre distance. If there is no one waiting ahead of you, please proceed down the steps.
  • If there is no one ahead, we have provided a Basket Sanitisation Area where you will be able to pick up a disinfected basket from the drum provided. This drum is filled with Anti Bac Sanitiser to ensure that our baskets are safe to use.
  • Once inside the range please move directly to the ball machine staying close to the wall and purchase your balls using the contactless chip and pin machine (yellow box) or the solo card or if you just want 15 balls you can put a £1 coin in the slot. Please use the hand sanitiser available to clean your hands before and after touching the ball dispenser. Balls are strictly washed and disinfected every time we refresh the Ball Dispenser supply.
  • Please keep tight against the wall and move to an available bay. The bays are wide enough to allow for social distancing.
  • We have removed Ball Trays and Bag Stands to minimise the equipment you have to touch. We have three tee options available to you – the tall tee, a small tee and the option to hit your ball off the mat. We ask that you please don’t touch or move the tees.
  • Once you have finished hitting your balls, please stay alert for other players who may be moving around also, stay close to the wall and exit through the labelled door.
  • On leaving the range, please deposit your basket in the sanitising drum provided.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy visiting our range!

The Short Game Practice Area & Putting Green

  • The short game area will be closed to golfers to allow Russell Adams space for coaching so if you wish to practice your short game, please book a tee time to use the Hadzor Course to hone your skills.
  • Please ensure that you adhere to social distancing rules on the putting green. Where possible, just use it for a few practice putts to allow others to use it safely as well.