Did someone say fitness and weight loss? So, your telling me I get to go out and playthe game I love and as a result I will stay fit and healthy? Well .. sign me up please! Byplaying golf, you get to burns calories, walking around our course means a lot of walking!Skipping out on the golf cart and walking the course can cover a distance between 4 – 6miles. If you opt to carry your own clubs, you’ll burn even more calories, too! Withg all thewalking, carrying and swinging involved, an average golfer at Gaudet can burn up to1000 calories in a single game.

Keeps your heart rate up! Following on from the exciting news of how many caloriescan burnt while playing golf, it’s only natural that your heart rate is going to increase! Asis the case with burning calories, the walking, carrying and swinging your clubs willnaturally increase your heart rate, keeping it pumping and increasing blood flow.Naturally, this will lower your risks for heart diseases and decrease levels of “bad”cholesterol.

Sleep like a baby? Who doesn’t enjoy a goodnight’s sleep .. since you are gettingquite a bit of exercise from playing your golf at Gaudet, the body will begin to tired andwill be ever so grateful at night-time as it will be due for some long deserved rest..Deeper sleep is necessary for your body to regenerate cell and repair any muscles andtissues.

Who doesn’t want to live longer? I know for certain that I do! A Swedish study by theKarolinska Institutet led by Professor Anders Ahlbom, found that golfers have a 40%lower death rate, which corresponds to a 5-year increase in life expectancy! Now that ison impressive fact!

Brain training while playing golf! Playing golf requires a certain amount ofconcentration and memory. This counts as exercise for your brain, aiding indegeneration. Participating in the sport regularly is likely to prevent or reduce cognitivedecline. Improve your old age before it’s even begun!

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